Avel Lenttan Jewelry: Love at first sight

<Defining the distinctiveness of a brand and of its creator calls for an in-depth and transversal exploration that takes us back to the history of the land where it originated, the evolution of its people and finally takes us forward to its future identity>>.

Today we want to share with you our story. Although we are a new player in the luxury sector, we have a vision to share. Below, Avel Lenttan, CEO, founder and creative designer of the Avel Lenttan brand, shares her thoughts and reflections on the present and future of the luxury industry.


Origins of a passion

Tell us what has happened in the last six years, Avel. How much did your goals and vision change since you first started?

 <<When I came to Italy in 2002, I had a few brief encounters with the fashion and jewelry industries.

For me, it was love at first sight – the gems, the art and history behind them, I was completely drawn to this world. But at the time, I had a job and a life that was very different from today. Little did I know that over the years, my innocent hobby would completely consume me.

In 2014, I created an international contest in Milano.  I never really thought about what it would bring and how it would change me. There was actually a vision behind it, even though I had no structured long-term plan to realize it.

In December 2014, we garnered so much interest for the contest even if at that time I did not have a brand name or any connection to the jewelry industry. I was surprised to see it receive so many compliments and interest.

A year after initiating collaborations with a number of professionals in the industry, we created great projects. The key to success was to have teamed up with experts who valued our ideas to develop the business together. The problem back then was the lack of bandwidth as I had little time and space to dedicate to this endeavor. It was a very complex period for me as I was active in a large technology group, on board with three companies, constantly traveling all over the world with family in different cities...  I had my hands full!

Through my relentless curiosity, passion, my collaborators and a deep dive into the industry segment - including market projections and production - plus all the information I had collated on the market, I came to a final life-changing decision. I took the plunge into designing my own value proposition and brand.

2018 is when everything really started moving. With the production team, we began building our market strategy with a  focus on R&D. This is when things really started to change and our vision really took shape. And in the past two years, we have further changed, we are constantly improving our strategies with a lot of effort and passion for what we do.

As you can see, in the past six years, our work has evolved slowly but surely. We involved various teams and experts to get the most value to realize our goal. Today we are proud of our internal success and we are ready for launch.

We’re already looking to the future to take on new challenges and develop great ideas.

Funny enough,  the project was a success even before it was launched. The «Avel Lenttan» brand was recognized by the European Community as a marker of excellence in the luxury sector, receiving a prize at the Awards Gala Dinner organized by LeFonti in Milan.

I could not have imagined that things would become so big and that it would be this fun at the same time. I succeeded in bringing together things that I love: innovation, technology, design and jewelry. It is truly fantastic … >>


A melting pot of cultures and travels  

Your jewelry presents very interesting characteristics that are connected to you personally. Italian design is an obvious mark. Yet your jewelry is also inspired by travels. Can you tell us more about it?

I wanted to inject reflections of my life: being cosmopolitan, eclectic, a traveler, super curious and always looking for an aesthetic that has substance and distinctiveness. Whether we talk about luxury products, fashion, architecture, art, cars or interior design,  the drivers are always imagination and multidisciplinarity.

I fell in love with Italy, with the culture, but mostly with the mindset. The culture is all about details in the work, in the development of products and projects. So I have learned to embrace an outside the box approach and the result of all my experiences and travel around the world is visible in the mix of superior Italian craftsmanship together with multidisciplinarity and an international perspective. We focus on innovative production within a sustainable model that creates modern, personal and timeless jewelry. Because at the end of the day, jewelry is forever. It carries value and memories. It is a personal, emotional and financial legacy.


Mirror Collection

Your jewelry sends a message that you should always be true to yourself. How can jewelry help us express ourselves and how can it help us bring out our best qualities?

I believe that every woman deserves to design her jewelry based on her style, her desires and her experiential journey. Based on our philosophy, we do not wish to just create trendy jewelry as fashion will change in a year or two. We want to offer a more traditional approach that is at the same time scalable, tailor-made and designed to last a lifetime. The jewelry lines that we produce have a multi-level approach with a modular design: scalable, replicable and suitable for different products. We offer a choice of three types of gold: yellow, white and pink. Soon, we will launch a collection with black gold and diamonds. 

Each customer is able to choose between different metals and stone colors among a variety of gems available and may choose special customized versions of some products.

The Mirror Collection originates from the idea that our image changes in a game of mirrors and a variety of colors that reflect our changing desires and moods. We want to enhance the reflection of each personal story that reveals a new surprise every day.

Our brand transmits a recognizable style, innovation and timeless elegance. Creativity, design and innovation are the cornerstones of a brand that carves out its own space at the top of the luxury market.



Design and new technologies

How can we recognize your design when we see someone wearing it? And how is your jewelry different from other brands?

We keep very high standards and produce high-end jewelry. We blend a unique Italian style with an international dimension, starting from creative design and principally using a web-based sales channel.

Each item of  Avel Lenttan jewelry has a high artistic value due to its creation by an Italian craftsman. The product has its own image signature with timeless simple shapes.

We went further – we believe that our customers should understand and appreciate what they are buying. We achieve this by inserting a digital certificate inside every piece that you see on our online store. By contrast, other high-end jewelry provides paper certification and warranties, which people constantly lose or misplace. We came up with a  simple and elegant technology-based solution. We imprinted into the gold a unique digital chip that contains all the information about the product: diamond certification, sustainable gold certification – we work only with top selected precious metal companies - the provenance of colored gemstones and production provenance.

Our clients can decide when they order to insert any type of information that can be stored digitally inside the piece. They can for example store a poem or a personal message for the person who we are making the jewel for.

Customers can also store certifications and information on price, when and where they bought the jewel and if a user decides to sell it - all of this is held to preserve the value of the item. You can save any information that you want to keep forever. Every piece is unique even if it looks the same from outside.

This is a new era and this was a very bold move. Because I understand as a woman, a buyer and a customer that I want to spend my money on something that keeps its value over time rather than lose it. We have also made bold choices with the branding and design which award us strong recognition.


“Mirror” reflects who you are

Your personality can be seen in the jewels of your collection. If your jewelry were a woman, what kind of a woman would she be?

Women today want to create an identity for themselves and achieve goals and dreams. They want to be themselves and to express their behaviors and feelings freely.

So I tried to match this profile with our creations. Women are super multitaskers and they thrive at learning, living and surviving in different work, social and private environments. We are taking on responsibilities and becoming increasingly financially independent. We are not there yet, but we have started to further pave the way in the last few decades. With economic freedom, women are freer to choose and to ask for what they want.

I refer to women who like high-quality jewelry and who look for timeless jewels. They participate in the ownership experience by choosing the diamond, the style and by understanding the quality. A woman can go for a minimalist or extravagant creation, based on her own identity.

Women are looking for novelties not only in design but also in the "smart" aspect of the product and sales experience, such as socializing their purchasing experience and sharing the special moments that led to their choice of jewel.


The symbolism of the triangle

The triangle is a symbol that is dominant in your collection. It represents many things, including feminity, mystery and also masculinity. What was your inspiration behind this signature shape?

The triangle is the motif I have chosen as the icon for the Mirror collection.

It is a very simple, easily recognizable, unique and fascinating geometrical figure, without any diagonals and with the least number of sides. Its aesthetic is oriented to the essence of things.

The triangle is a symbol imbued with an esoteric mystery which has always fascinated people and cultures around the world. It has three sides. Three is the perfect number. Three is the number of dimensions of time: past, present and future. When it takes the shape of an arrow, the triangle is a symbol of direction, of a goal and the search for happiness.


A glimpse into the future

How would you define your goals today and what’s your plan for the next six years?

The Avel Lenttan brand has a strong social vocation, a high technological value and a strong female attitude. The brand has defined the organization, with a cohesive and motivated team spanning sales, digital, marketing, operations and R&D.

It already has over 350 different pieces in its catalogue and five collections, which are ready to be made and delivered.

In these extraordinary times, we have faced many new challenges, as have all luxury companies.

Our customers will realize their emotional shopping journey on the web. We have developed a detailed guide for each country to help people find their unique piece of jewelry. We studied in depth every aspect of production efficiency with the use of materials of the highest quality and value.

Next year, we will launch a vast accessories collection.

In six years, we hope to expand to many markets and to be closer to local cultures.

We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us!







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