White gold

Mirror in white gold is a jewel designed with an elegance that highlights our inner femininity. In jewelry, white gold is obtained from a gold alloy plus a minimal percentage of silver, palladium and other metals which increase its resistance. The subsequent treatment with rhodium enhances the jewel’s brilliance.

Yellow gold

Mirror in yellow gold fulfills our desire for a timeless jewel with eternal value. In nature, gold has an intense yellow hue and is 99% pure at 24 carats. It is a very ductile and malleable material. In jewelry, it is alloyed to other metals such as copper and silver, in minute percentages, to increase its resistance.

Pink gold

Mirror in pink gold is imagined for the wearer who prefers a glamorous and modern jewel, destined to set new trends. Pink gold is an alloy that was particularly appreciated in 19th century Russia. Today, it has made a comeback in contemporary pieces. Its typical pink color is obtained thanks to a fusion of gold with a small quantity of copper and silver.