A choice tailored to your wishes

Print and check the meter

We use standard USA sizes for the rings. Please refer to our size guide or use the ring measurer you find in our guide to sizes. Print the meter on a sheet of A4 paper, in 100% real size. Take a common plastic ruler and measure the sample on the right. If the result is exactly 2 cm, the meter is reliable.
Our rings have been studied and tailored, to guarantee an excellent fit and maximum comfort. This is why we suggest that our clients choose the size of their jewel by following the following instructions. We also want you to know that our measures have been studied so as to assure an easier and more comfortable fit.

Measure you Ring

Print the ring measurer by using the button at the bottom of this page, then position your ring on the rings, so as to find the diameter that corresponds to that of the ring. Place your ring on one of the circles shown in the measurement table below.
Switch from one circle to another to find the right size for you..

If the external profile of the circle doesn’t fill in the internal profile of the ring, choose a larger size.

If the external profile of the circle goes further than the internal profile of the ring, choose a smaller size.

If the internal profile of the ring is perfectly in line with the circle’s external profile, choose the measure indicated under that circle.

Ring measurement table

Ring measure table