Blue Topaz

The Mirror collection fulfills your desire for beauty with a luminous and precious stone to shine in: the blue topaz. A light filled treasure born under the sign of Avel Lenttan.

Blue Topaz

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Immerse yourself in purity. Free as clear water. A new feeling of happiness shines through the topaz, a rare stone that is one of the most ancient in the world. Blue topaz is ethereal like sky blue, deep like London Blue, luminous like Swiss Blue. A kaleidoscopic reflection of your inner light that takes you on a cathartic personal journey.

Immerse yourself in purity. Free as limpid water. A new sense of happiness shines through a rare stone which is among the most ancient: the topaz. Ethereal like Sky Blue, deep like London Blue, luminous as Swiss Blue. Kaleidoscopic reflection of your inner light, for a cathartic trip inside of yourself.

Origin and symbology

It is believed that the word topaz goes back to the Sanskrit “tapas”, meaning ardor, fire. Others associate it to Topazon, an island in the Red Sea, where shipwrecked pirates are thought to have found many of these gems. The origins of the topaz are lost in the intrigues of history. The Bible says that Aron wore one on his chest as a symbol of victory against all dangers. In the Book of Revelations, the topaz is one of the twelve gems on which the city of Jerusalem was built. The topaz is considered one of the most powerful gems, able to save people by giving them extreme vitality. Its iridescent color is the barometer of time. A gem that hones thinking, feeds the senses, protects from negative influences and contributes to restful sleep.

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