Play, forward , rewind … stop, pause …explore …. ma dove vai ?

An infinite train of thoughts, commitments and choices are reflections of the different shades of your personality. Living in a rush, busy, travelling, lacking time, yet driven by the insatiable desire to soak all colours, passions, emotions and enriching experiences, all in the never-ending quest of self. “Ma dove vai? But where are you going?” Stop for a minute, breathe, allow yourself a break, smile and think about yourself. Who are you? What do you really want? Allow yourself to go in the direction that reflects you best.

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Dove Vai Earrings

"Earrings with a soft yet intriguing look, feminine and rebel, create a mix of luxurious elegance and simplicity. The arrows point in different directions and can be enhanced with diamonds and various gemstones. The three levels of the jewel - the base, the center and the top - allow you to personalize it according to your style with different combinations of colours and gold.

Dove Vai Bracelets

Rigid and essential bracelet, created for the traveller in you who loves discovering new worlds and also rediscovering yourself through places you already know, with the curiosity and the hint of excentricity and humour that make every experience unique and unrepeatable.