The Anniversary Collection holds the beauty of life’s most important moments, expressed in the timeless triangular shapes of Avel Lenttan Jewelry’s signature creations

The technology integrated into the gold “My Memory Forever” allows you to store messages that remind you of the moment of purchase or when the gift was received, thus recalling the emotions of the first moment you wear the jewelry piece.

Thanks to a special app, it will be possible to read and recall these memories at any time.

The triangle shape itself houses the ambivalence between male and female worlds, the sun and the moon, opposite planets whose pull completes and propels their eternal motion. Linear shapes and generous volumes delineate the symbolism of the triangle as related to the couple, integral to the design of the Anniversary collection.

The light emitted from pavé diamonds on 18K white or rose gold enhances the celebratory feeling, adding awe and wonder to love. Whether an engagement ring, bracelet or perhaps a set of earrings designed to celebrate a special occasion, it is certain to be a jewelry piece to wear forever.

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