“To blend global trends and Italian design means to create something unique and contemporary in which every woman can mirror herself.”

Avel Lenttan is a Slovene luxury designer with a globetrotter’s vision. Eclectic, cosmopolitan, contemporary. She offers a melting pot of suggestions captured at the four corners of the world, reinterpreted under the distinctive sign of Italian design. An infinite love of details, which originate from the capable hands of Italian master goldsmiths and from the choice of precious materials. A creative search to find an exemplary beauty, the result of travels through experience, rich in spirituality and introspection. Interlaced with the curiosity and desire to explore and search, to grow, to confront and open oneself to the world, to create sophisticated, solid and distinctive aesthetics. A personality and her travels, reflected in her collections, that is, in a continuous dynamism, changing and fluctuating like the emotions that living arouses.




To lose oneself in the labyrinth of life to discover oneself

To enter the labyrinth of life means to lose oneself among the unknown meanders of discovery. Between dreams and reality, love and friendship, reason and creativity. An enigmatic and secret path, guided by the thread of curiosity, to deal with everyday adventures, to exit the shortcuts of thought and conquer a new freedom. A cathartic and enlightening trip, in the search for oneself. Like in a great kaleidoscope, our image changes in a game of mirrors that reflects our changing desires. Reflections of a personal history that unveils new surprises every day


Icon of perfection

The triangle is the motif we have chosen as the icon for the Mirror collection. A unique and fascinating geometrical figure, without any diagonals and with the least number of sides. Its aesthetic is oriented to the essence of things. The triangle is a symbol imbued with esoteric mystery which has always fascinated populations and cultures of the whole world. It has three sides. Three is the perfect number. Three is the number of dimensions of time that was, that is, that will be. Three, like the force of nature: air, earth, fire. Three, like the good-luck number of Chinese civilization. Oriented downwards, the triangle symbolizes the feminine, the lunar cycles and fertility. Oriented upwards, it represents the male element, fire and the sun. When it takes the shape of an arrow, the triangle is a symbol of direction, target and the search for happiness.


Avel Lenttan: an authentic guarantee

Avel Lenttan: an authentic guarantee. Avel Lenttan is born under the sign of a double soul. On one hand the manual Italian artisan’s craft, on the other a technological evolution oriented towards security and simple buying. The digital prototyping of the product comes from an automated production system, while keeping the typical Made in Italy craftsman’s aspect. The online 3D visualizer makes it possible to configure one’s own jewel oneself, choosing among materials, sizes and finishings. The RFID digital identification guarantees that each Avel Lenttan product is traceable, from production to delivery to goods returned: an identity card that guarantees the product’s authenticity. The technical support reflects a professional and timely approach, with no-borders proximity.


Create your Mirror

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