Play, forward , rewind … stop, pause …explore …. ma dove vai ?

Thousands of thoughts, commitments, choices, reflections on the different shades of your personality. Living in a rush, travelling, a full life, with limited time, driven by the insatiable desire to relish colours, passions, emotions, enriching experiences in the continuous discovery of yourself. “Dove vai?" is the Italian expression for "Where are you going?” Stop for a while, get your breath back, allow yourself a break, smile and think of yourself. Who are you? What do you really want? and allow yourself to be led in the direction that expresses you best.

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Dove Vai Earrings

Earrings with a soft but intriguing look, feminine but non-conformist, for a mix of luxurious elegance and simplicity. The arrows point in different directions and can be enhanced with diamonds and different types of stones. The three lines, basic, medium and top, allow you to choose the style of your precious objects, by personalizing them with different combinations of colours and gold.

Dove Vai Bracelets

Essential bracelet, created for you who like travelling, discovering new worlds, rediscovering yourself differently in places you already know, with the curiosity and hint of folly and self- irony that make every experience unique and unrepeatable.