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Lost in Wonder

Mirror of your desires

The Mirror Collection is born on the subtle emotional line that unites the three sides of life: past, present and future, which are symbolically contained in the triangle, a geometric figure, dense with spiritual and earthly meaning, at the heart of Avel’s works of art. Mirror is a mirror of emotions, mercurial as the becoming of life, a reflection of its own identity. It’s the expression of an essential aesthetic, inspired by contemporary art and design. Game of shapes, lines and arrangements, sinuous and elegant, of many-colored metals and stones, to create each and every time a unique and personalized jewel. The Mirror collection travels through time by means of design. It selects a chosen place for the origin of the stones, makes the present precious and redefines the future by imagining the experience that the jewel gifts. Life is a voyage full of surprises. A labyrinth of experiences, choices and emotions. Nothing is stable, everything changes. And what we wear along our path is the mirror of who we are or who we want to be, a duality inherent in human beings.


Three expressions of a personal style

B Line is the line of the color scheme of the stone alternates with the fullness of gold, in a specular reflection that elects the cleaning of the lines in a synthesis of style. M line is the line of the suggestions of the stone alternate with the emotion of the diamonds that make up the settings diamonds, crystallising its own inner light. T line is the line of the luxury design applied to the goldsmith’s art, combining the symmetry of the stone with the full splendor of the diamond-studded pavé.

Mirror rings

Remember to shine, every day. By choosing to wear a Mirror ring, you knowingly allow your hands to reflect the essence of who you are: with your thousands of facets: strong but delicate, adventurous but also deep, sophisticated but authentic.


Mirror bracelets

Luxury becomes nonchalant, it feeds on sophisticated charm, and at the same time it expresses a precious authenticity. Everything hinges on your desire to shine, but also to be, your desire for aesthetics that are never commonplace, united to valuable substance. The Mirror bracelet reflects your duality and its infinite shades.


Mirror earrings

Heed your desires. They are the voices of your sensations, the reflection of your aspirations. The Mirror earrings express the absolute or audacity, luxury or trend. And they always set off your shining uniqueness.


Mirror necklaces

Femininity is not ostentation, but something precious to be lived, viscerally and on one’s very skin. Mirror necklace collection. A delicate necklace of elegance, refinement and style contained in the magic triangle that elevates you to become a Goddess.