Pink Garnet

The Mirror collection intoxicates your senses with a precious stone of delicate nuances that exalts your innate feminine side: the pink garnet. A charming gem born under the sign of Avel Lenttan.

Pink Garnet

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The heart is like a flower that opens up to love. Love for others and for oneself allowing us to rediscover our own determination and to welcome new relationships. The future is bright for those who choose the pink garnet. A delicate gem that integrates the shades of orchid pink and the warm red dawn of a new day. Pure romance set in eternity.

Its heart is a flower that opens up with love. Love for others, but also for oneself, to rediscover one’s tenacity and to discover new relationships. For those who choose this Garnet, the future is radiant. A delicate gem that embraces orchid pink and the red dawn of a new day. Pure romanticism set in eternity.

Origin and symbology

The origin of the name garnet is linked to the latin word “granatum”, meaning “wheat”, with probable reference to mela granatum, or pomegranate, a fruit with red seeds of shape and color similar to crystals. Known and extracted for more than two thousand years in Sri Lankan mines, the pink garnet was also known as an ornamental gemstone to the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans. The pink garnet was considered a powerful talisman by travelers and brave discoverers. In ancient times, it was believed that the pink garnet could light up the night and prevent any kind of evil. With colors that span from intense red to luminous pink, the pink garnet charges up with energy if it is brushed by the rays of the sun. The garnet gem invigorates the heart and bestows vitality. It rebalances the sexual sphere, and expands character and courage.

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