Today on the occasion of Women's Day, we thought of reflecting on the binomial Woman - Work, thinking about how women's emancipation has changed its role in modern society.

Gender equality is not just a basic human right, but a necessary condition for a prosperous, sustainable and peaceful world. The emancipation of women begins with each of us.

The support of women starts from giving them the necessary help so that they can receive the right importance in the social, educational and working context, making them aware of their strength and potential.

Changing the narrative for women must be a team effort that everyone contributes to. Considering that there are still 31 million elementary school-age girls who still do not receive education, it is necessary to assert their rights to education from the very beginning, as thanks to knowledge it is possible to make a difference.

Women continue to fight every day for equality in the workplace despite the fact that more and more are studying and acquiring important degrees and despite occupying more and more leadership roles than in the past.

Companies run by successful women need to be supported and these women have a voice to inspire others to get the recognition they deserve.

Women are sources of all kinds of inner beauty: kindness, strength, courage, intelligence, spirit of solidarity, all qualities with which women are able to reach the highest peaks, with sacrifices and great self-confidence.

Although sometimes it is difficult and delicate to tell one's experiences, sharing is a fundamental act in order to illuminate the entire female world and beyond. It means leading by example, by telling your story, sharing your experiences, the most meaningful way to make a difference and see more and more women bring their dreams and aspirations to come true.

It is with this spirit that we have decided to dedicate an important moment to ourselves in which we share the extraordinary story of our Founder who tells us about her human and professional journey.

"I have been an entrepreneur for over twenty years in the world of high tech, Industry 4.0 and IoT, sectors with very different dynamics from those in which I find myself living today.

The world of jewelry is quite hermetic for changes and it is mostly managed by men. Women are rarely seen as those who have a decision-making power in order to bring changes. As I am a resilient and wilful woman, to approach jewelry with innovation for me became a beautiful challenge.

With my constant curiosity, lots of passion, my following and reading a lot about the industry segment, designing, production and craft, and all the info that I gathered from the market, I came to a final life decision to launch my own brand.
I wanted to bring into the brand what reflects my life: being cosmopolitan, eclectic, a traveler, super curious and always looking for a substantial and distinctive aesthetic. It doesn’t matter if we talk about luxury products or fashion, architecture, art, cars, interior design… Name it… The driver is imagination and multidisciplinary.

I fell in love with Italy, the culture, but mostly the mind. The culture is so much into details, at work, I’ve learned to see things out the box, and the result of all my experiences and travel around the world is visible in the mixture of wanting to achieve a high level of Italian craftsmanship but bringing something that small and medium size companies in the jewelry industry don’t have – a multidisciplinary and international approach, that combines innovation from the production level.

It’s difficult to create a new brand reputation without auxiliary labels and assumptions. It takes a capable person to be in a good position, but it takes far more for a woman to have the same. It is even more difficult to penetrate from one industry to goldsmithing and to the jewelry business Both are very legacy, old, closed, with established old traditional frames and not much space for innovation. But it is changing due to digitalization. Somehow, I worked over 20 years in Tech – I was used to being outnumbered by male colleagues the proportion was somewhere like 80 – 20. I was hoping to see more female power in the Jewelry business.

Recent analyses show us that ¾ of start-ups in Italy are founded by women and this information is the picture of how women entrepreneurship is growing thanks to their leadership style based on willpower and resilience, strategic vision, empathy and relational qualities. However, in the same time, there have been pointed out their difficulties in fund raising, in finding an investor to support and finance the growth of their business. Only 2% was able to receive financing for women entrepreneurship.

The luxury sector has been in the hands of men for a long time, and the times are definitely changing. With the increasing relevance of women’s empowerment all over the world, women generate their own wealth. Now women are also more open to experimenting with their careers and trying unconventional options in the luxury space. I have met quite few of them, it is also due to a shift in generations.

Avel Lenttan jewelry is meant for women who gravitate towards economic freedom, who have an idea of their own identity and who are using smart ways to look for innovations. A woman whose idea moved boundaries, is independent, responsible, cosmopolitan, curious, world traveler, who is always searching for essential aesthetics, while letting herself be guided by imagination, making timeless jewels, that adorn Italian style and international dimension. It creates a sustainable model for a modern, personal and timeless product. My focus is on creating value, with its memories, not only as a personal aesthetic gift, but also as investment and financial asset.

Women of today want to create an identity for themselves and achieve goals and dreams. They want to be themselves and express their behaviour and feelings freely.

I’m very proud that today the brand has a strong social vocation, a very high technological value and a strong female attitude. The brand has defined the organization, with a cohesive and motivated team, in the Sales, Digital, Marketing, Operation and R&D Departments. It already has over 350 jewels in its catalogue, out of 5 collections, ready to be made and delivered. Not bad for a start I would say! Our customers will realize their emotional shopping journey on the web, in stores or in specific events. We studied every aspect of production efficiency and economy in depth, with the use of materials of the highest quality and value, to be ready to expand to many markets and to be closer to local cultures.

I am aware of the tough challenge I jumped in, as a woman and as a visionary in this industry, but what gives me fuel in this adventure is a belief that I can be a positive example for those, especially women, who are willing to achieve their goals no matter where and no matter how hard it can be. The aim is to motivate and let know that they should never give up and deeply trust in their ideas and to themselves, while my dream come true. 

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