Fine Jewelry new design & trends. 2022: what can we expect?

Style & design. How will the aesthetics in jewellery change?

Which are the new future trends of fine jewellery?

Audacity is the keyword. Even if the unwritten rule of “less is more” is still adopted in some catwalks, the minimalist philosophy is giving ground to the rediscovery of oversized jewels, daring and combining inspirations from the past.

The 2022 global trends are increasingly leading to the experimentation of maxi shapes. Oversized jewels will lead the next spring/summer.

Looking at the contemporary woman, so busy and sometimes stressed, she wants her jewels to be fast, easy to wear and comfortable. Essential in shape but with great effect at the same time. A jewel that must be seen and must give her an added value, but still fit perfectly to her needs. It could be a set of overlapped bangles or metal semicircles to adorn the arm.

Big gold chains and extremely long necklaces. Or long earrings with colourful games of shapes and geometric volumes, to make the lobes a perfect point from which to drop metal fringes, three-dimensional workings and small floral-themed sculptures, that in turn undergo the charm of pearls and gold. A perfect mix&match such as yellow and silver gold that can shine together.

Noteworthy is the return of large chandelier earrings inspired by the fashion of the ‘80s with large precious stones or long cascades of crystals that touch the neck, hanging maybe from one ear only for those who love asymmetry. Rings will follow the trend of big sized jewels, sometimes chunky, sometimes inspired by shapes from children’s world but always imposing and flashy.

Women are pretty demanding, they search for beautiful, functional and timeless jewels. Therefore, the silhouette of the jewels seen on the catwalk also vibrate with opulence, and refers to secular, divine and golden objects which are juxtaposed with long necklaces in sorbet colours.

Carefree and fun

The design plays with shapes and colours. Jewels aim to adorn with their bold silhouettes, to catch the attention. Color is another pillar trend of 2022 for positive vibrations, fun and willing to say: take it easy. Especially pop-color, filled with energy and intensity. Passing from pastel shades, typical of childhood, like baby pink or the more accessible and characterising ones of adolescence, like bright yellow, the jewels of spring summer 2022 are a call to carefree.

Extra-colourful jewellery is the must have. Precious and brilliant gemstones dominate and yellow gold is the right place where to be set.

You can be a vintage addicted or nostalgic of the ’80, shifted into the future or loving the past - there is a common rule to follow: I dare.

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