Christmas has just ended with its Christmas presents. In our previous article we had a reflection on the deep meaning of the Gift and we have seen how its magical meaning has changed over time.

If it might be true that “diamonds are women’s best friends” today we want to discover a more sensitive meaning of what really makes them happy.


Being a Woman

Being a woman is just not a female gender.  It is feeling of love, care, concern, power, strength, self-respect, defence. Women are complicated, elegant, powerful and thousand more wonderful qualities that can describe a woman.

Our relatives, friends, public figures…. we are surrounded by incredible women. Women being active in society, where they found their own voice, is a contribution in matter of strength, creativity, mutual support and love, special values for all of us. Whether she’s a business woman, or mother, or both, or a wife, she is always living in the middle of what is her inner soul and what are the expectations from outside. Expressing her goals, interests, making life decisions, even the choice of the right shoes to wear, can easily make her fragile.

Still focusing exclusively on acquiring new skills to be better isn’t sufficient; woman must learn to develop a growing sense of identity. Though self-confidence is what she gets by improving herself day by day.


What makes a woman happy?

Countless books, websites, articles, and movies have been dedicated to the quest to understand life’s greatest mystery: What do women want? If you ask women what they want, they may simply say “things that make me happy and that I love”.
Actually, there is not a universal answer to this question. If there is missing happiness, it could be necessary working on the true self to find out what really makes her feel good. Desires become priority and it is clear which are the own values to be followed.  

Looking back in history, today’s woman belongs to the luckiest generation of women. Most of them are free to make their own choices regarding having children or not, if, when and who to marry, divorce if not happy, study, follow their goals and careers, express their creativity and intelligence.

Every woman has desires and wishes, and especially thinking about the new year that has just begun. Based on the one of most extensive surveys polled more than 64,000 people in 180 countries

Kindness is the No. 1 quality women overwhelmingly looking for.


Women are peaceful beings, they have a high sensitivity, that’s why, whatever is their lifestyle, her rule, job, age, or personality, it is always extremely appreciated. A polite behaviour, respect, quietly speaking, understanding. This is what she likes.



Love and friendship score highly on the lists of what makes people happy. Love satisfies both the desire for self-fulfilment (love is a search for the self, to the very bottom) and the sometimes-contradictory desire for recognition, approval, and endorsement of identity. Being loved enhances self-confidence. Friendship is extremely important in a woman’s life, a support with the right word in the right moment, from a good friend, is priceless.


Thought & Consideration

“A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference. – Eeyore”

A thought makes feel a woman important. It is not only about love, it can be respect, recognition, comprehension, awareness of being in other’s thoughts. A simple effort like flowers, a letter, any kind of acknowledgment that shows how much someone has been really thinking and carrying about. In that moment it fulfils her existence.


A Gift
Women love things that exalt their beauty, that make them fashionable and let them love themselves more. Whether it is black & white, sparkling, warm, well scented, or technologic, the only thing that matters is that it tunes with her personality and style and reflects what she is or she wants to be.


There can be plenty of things, thoughts, feelings, acts, that a woman wants. She can have different priorities, in different moments of life, with different kinds of need.

Anyway, what will really make her happy is the fact that someone has silently listened to her, even when she wasn’t speaking.



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