Sustainable and ethical jewellery means transparent and responsible sourcing practices and the use of sustainable materials. The focus is to have minimal impact on the environment, it isn’t just about conflict, but also creating safe working environments and equal salaries for workers.

When we take a closer look at the current environmental issues, we are deeply aware that being involved in the challenge of creating Responsible Jewelry means to be responsible on many different levels – the process is overwhelmingly complicated – sustainable jewelry is kind of like looking at sustainable fashion.

There are lots of elements that should be taken into consideration from supply chain to overconsumption.

The concept of producing environmentally responsible jewellery is very recent, only coming out in the past few years, so when we like a cute pair of earrings or rings, we must understand better what makes a piece of jewellery ethical and sustainable. 

The first complex consideration when we talk about responsible and sustainable jewelry is ethical mining and therefore anything connected with precious metals. Often products are also likely produced with precious gemstones or diamonds, which also have the same process of extraction. This fact doesn’t mean that jewelry brands cannot be sustainable, but of course, it takes lots of effort.


Avel Lenttan Jewelry is a sustainable fine jewellery brand since:

1) Transparent and verified Supply Chain for precious materials and alloys

In the Avel Lenttan Jewelry world, gold is strictly ethical. We choose only suppliers that have the necessary certifications that can guarantee and satisfy our standards and that the metal can be traceable to the territory or to a zone of non-conflict.

Same for precious gemstones and diamonds. All the precious components are certified, and the brand Avel Lenttan Jewelry can track their provenience. Gemstones come only from verified sources, from suppliers with more than 30 years of experience in the jewellery field.

2) Our Product chain: 

Avel Lenttan Jewelry is the first jewellery brand that owns two different patents for supporting and improving traceability and reliability. The company invested in innovation tracing both the product and production process.

When we talk about product traceability, all our products have chips embedded into the metal. The micro tag does not compromise the aesthetics of the jewel, but at the same time, it can be read through a special tool.

3) My Memory Forever

Every process is supervised internally under the careful attention of the founder and her team to create the highest quality collections and most sophisticated workmanship. 

Each product is unique and contains the data record of all the materials, tracing the origin of gold, diamonds, and gemstones, to guarantee the ethics and origin of the components that your product is made from. 

The user will read it through My Memory Forever”.

All the information the product contains is giving you a complete digital certification that remains within the product forever and the certified information cannot be lost.

My Memory Forever” represents the “memoria” of the product and allows the user, through a custom-created app, to access any time technical and manufacturing information of its jewellery piece.

 4) Female labor and social equity

Avel Lenttan Jewelry takes care also of female labor and social equity among workers. Historically, the goldsmith product and production sector are male environments in which women have a secondary role, especially in Italy.

Avel Lenttan Jewelry invests in the development of new production poles.

Our atelier is committed to overseeing and guiding its production chain processes with the constant goal of improving the environment to assure benefit for its customers, employees, and the greater community.

While keeping with the green economy and its ethics, Avel Lenttan Jewelry uses raw materials - from coloured stones to diamonds, to precious metals - observing the strictest regulations on the supply of raw materials as established by World Gold Council.

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