Love is all. Isn’t it? 

How do we put together passion, love, and business?

Each person has a dream, a unique drive to contribute and fulfil a purpose. Discovering and combining love and passion with strengths, while dedicating life to pursuing a dream, can make us achieve things we have never imagined.

In the world of Art - Love and Passion are most enduring subjects through the ages. They have always existed from ancient times, across the world, changing over time and cultures, still many life events and transitions that we living

Responsibilities, competitiveness do affect our energy and limit the opportunities to foster passion. Besides, it takes time to find a personal passion, process it and use it as fuel to keep going.

Love and Passion in business

Probably you’ve heard a phrase “You'll be happy once you find your love and passion”. It sounds really amazing, but have you ever understood what it exactly means?

Mark Twain describes it in a famous quote - “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

A passion-based business is like a calling and if feels like a piece of you. It is not like you're making a choice, you are investing time and energy in something you care, you want to contribute; and love for it is a strong incentive to reach goals and dreams.

These strong emotions are driving force that sometimes  allows us to build a new fresh start, to completely reinvent ourselves to follow our dreams and ambitions, sometimes in a completely new field. That courageous act of willpower can be experienced  by people at all ages and social positions.

When this force is found inside the human being, it is shared and pulled out, almost like wanting that other can name it. It’s something very precious like a beautiful jewel you want to admire and you want it to be admired by others as well.

The Calling & Passion

Love and passion are crucial when you are running a new business.

Everything started when Avel Lenttan came to Italy, back in 2002. She started to have some brief experiences in fashion and got acquainted to the jewelry business. It was Love at first sight.

Precious gems and craft, history, everything connected to the jewelry’s world, just attracted her completely. But at the time, Avel had a different job and life and it was completely different from today.

Over these years, passion and curiosity around jewelry world have grown by every year, every day, more and more. If felt almost like her calling. Today Avel Lenttan is a fine jewelry Italian brand, not only a passion anymore. Still her passion is fuel to creativity, persistence and venture performance, her love and passion are her energy resource that fuels her success in life. 

But is it true that love is all?

The brand Avel Lenttan Jewelry was born from the passion and creative entrepreneurial drive of its founder. Of course, love and passion can be the drive forces to start a new business path. To achieve the goal, love is not enough

To achieve the goal , love is not enough, there are required lot of competences , research and combination of working with people that have multidisciplinary background . It was required a lot of preparation and strong ability to face all changes that the market has experienced over the past two years.

The founder Avel Lenttan was able to create a new fine jewelry brand, involving her strong social mission, advanced technological and artistic values.

Thanks to her past experiences, Avel used all her professional skills to introduce into the brand Avel Lenttan Jewelry innovation, a unique approach in the jewelry sector. All jewels are based on a simple but novel idea, the one of integrating a Micro Tag into the precious metal that allows the customer to track information about the production, provenance and ownership.

The Atelier come to life in a goldsmith’s workshop in the heart of central Italy, an atelier with strong team uniting creativity, research and development with refined manufacturing. Skilled hands of master goldsmiths have been creating and producing jewelry for generations becoming a center where love, passion and competences meet.

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