Did you ever ask yourself, why is it so nice to receive a gift?

How does it make us feel about making someone happy?

Do you like to bring happiness to others?


Do you know how this magic started?

In most part of the world the month of December is characterised by the race against time to buy gifts and presents for people you care or are supposed to count in your gift list. Indeed, giving gifts should be an act of love, respect and friendship, but it might also involve interests and formal circumstances. That’s why our list seems to be so long!

Gifting as the way we know today began in the 19th century, when technological development and manufacturing enabled us to efficiently and affordably give a wider range of gifts. 

But the word GIFT is originated in the Old Norse language. At the time of its inception, it was pronounced gipt. Later this term merged with the English word “give,” creating the new Middle English term, gift.

Gift-giving is as old as humans. The first testimonials of gifts are attributable to the indigenous Polynesian people of mainland New Zealand, the Maoris. They believed that a magic power, which they called “hau”, entered into the present and created a permanent link between the giver and the receiver.

Also in ancient Greek times, gifts were given for birthday to get rid of bad spirits and continued over time in the pagan rituals held during the winter. When Christianity folded these rituals into Christmas, the justification for bearing gifts was redirected to the Three Wise Men, the Magi, who gave gifts to the infant Jesus.

However, the tradition of gift giving extended long before the founding of Christianity, with roots in the festivals of the ancient Romans — in particular the festival of Saturnalia, where thanks were given to the bounty provided by the agricultural god Saturn, celebrated near the winter solstice in December.


When we give the Gift what do we mean?

From these scriptural passages it is understood that gifting is based on spiritual ritual but todays also on our individual capacities showing a good and positive will towards people we care. 

A gift is meant to be a free, individual expression of affection, friendship, and respect.

Gift is not something that can be earned or merited, it is a way where we show the gratitude, love and care to our friends and loved ones. 

Although a gift is “the transfer of something without expectation”, and it is about showing our true feelings to others, it should be done willingly without expecting anything in return.

It tells the recipients that you have been thinking about them and make them feel special. In essence, when you receive the gift, you also receive the giver.

This kind of attention is a social lubricant, is a demonstration to celebrate life, communicate our feelings and establish our connection with others.

And what about You?  Are you expecting what you really dream of?

How much effort did you put in thinking deeply about what will really make happy your beloved ones?

This season is a great moment to feel those emotions, but never forget, the unexpected gift is the most appreciated all over the year.

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