Care raccomandations

    An Avel Lenttan jewel is made with precious stones and materials, chosen for their aesthetic qualities and for their value.

    Please read the following recommendations to preserve the original beauty of your Avel Lenttan jewelry piece and to maintain it in perfect condition over time.

    The stones and precious metals of your Avel Lenttan creation are delicate materials and should be handled with care.

    It is better to avoid wearing Avel Lenttan jewelry in the following situations:

    • When washing your hands, to avoid soap residues depositing in the joints that will turn the jewel dark.

    • When handling corrosive products (during gardening, house-cleaning, washing), to avoid damaging the stones that make your jewel precious.

    • When doing sports, to avoid scuff marks and scratches.


    Further, we suggest avoiding:

    • Exposing the jewel to strong heat sources, since drastic temperature changes can irreversibly damage precious stones.

    • Applying perfume and make-up directly on an Avel Lenttan jewel, since chemical ingredients contained in cosmetics can damage stones.


    How to Store an Avel Lenttan Jewelry Piece

    Jewelry pieces can suffer damage when stored in contact with other jewelry.

    Therefore, we recommend placing each piece separately in its individual jewelry case between uses.


    How to Maintain an Avel Lenttan Jewelry Piece

    Just a few simple steps will allow you to check the condition of your jewel.

    Before wearing it:

    • Check that the closure is working perfectly

    • Check that the stones are firmly mounted

    To check for the above, pass a finger delicately over the stones.

    If they move, you will have to contact our customer support to repair the setting.

    To conserve the shine of Avel Lenttan Jewelry stones, we recommend caring for each stone with respect to specifications based on its mineralogical properties.


    Personalize an Avel Lenttan Jewelry Piece

    By personalizing an Avel Lenttan jewel, you express your style, your passion and your dreams: a unique jewelry piece that tells your story thanks to our engraving service.



    For a very special gift, you may choose our engraving service.

    You can personalize your Avel Lenttan creation by engraving a name, initials or date (to be verified where possible for each model).

    Please allow 1-2 extra working days for personalized creations.

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