Only creations bought through the e-shop or at an Avel Lenttan Jewelry authorized dealer are subject to the Avel Lenttan Jewelry International guarantee.

For any/all purchases made through the e-shop, the duly drawn up guarantee can be found inside the package that contains the Avel Lenttan Jewelry creation.
Each creation has a security TAG that guarantees its authenticity and quality. If the TAG has been removed, it will not be possible to return the product

The guarantee is free and valid for the first 2 years from the date of delivery of the creation.
The guarantee only covers damage from production defects, that is, due to a mistake in the original assembly of the jewelry piece.
The guarantee does not cover damage due to inappropriate use of the item.

The Atelier reserves the right to verify the actual damage due to a defect in the original assembly
Should the damage not be due to a production defect, the repair and/or return of the jewelry piece will be charged to the customer.

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