Love is a complete feeling that has a thousand shades and to love means taking the necessary actions to share. From the very first steps of a child, a parent shares the time, the patience, their knowledge to start sharing a new life together. The results and satisfactions far outweigh the effort. A relationship grows happy thanks to a continuous dialogue, comparison, shared living spaces and mutual exchange of ideas and understanding. In social and professional life this principle has the same function: share in order to grow and achieve goals.

What does it mean to share and why is it so important? 

Happy people are those who share with others. Like ideas, things, thoughts, experiences, anything that improves other’s life. This has led humanity to evolve, because many people have made others participate in discoveries and inventions. Shared time is a precious time that nourishes intellectual and spiritual growth. Sharing is loving and walking together.

In modern society we can see this evolution in many ways of sharing, from the sharing economy, to co-working, crowdfunding, but also the exchange of ideas, emotions, knowledge, talents, personal experiences through the most varied and increasingly numerous social networks. The synergies between companies and / or professionals who, thanks to complementary skills, develop effective and efficient collaborations, thus benefiting from an exchange of mutual value. The need to grow and learn is directly proportional to the need to share. Each working entity provides training, renewal, growth, which are the result of sharing and have the aim of bringing each project to success. An innovative idea or a process designed to improve results and productivity can have an important impact on the development of an entire system. The human mind has infinite potential, but these vanish if they lack expression to the outside world. Sharing becomes a common good for all the people involved in a project and for the whole of society in a broader sense.

To share therefore is to possess together. It can be an idea, a content, a way of thinking, a passion. Owning together should not be understood as dividing something, but rather having something together. It is not losing something of ours but it is sharing a value. Sharing, understood in this way, requires passion for what one does, commitment, curiosity, credibility, in-depth study, consistency with oneself. It is to give something of oneself in order to have the pleasure of bringing benefits to society.

Love for what we do and for the goals we have set ourselves has been the driving force for our company in developing a vision projected towards the modernization of the goldsmith sector, through innovative ideas, combining creativity, technology and industry. A work of synergy and sharing that includes the commitment of each collaborator, leads to the achievement of the planned and strongly desired results, in the direction of a positive change in matters that are increasingly topical, such as transparency, sustainability and authenticity.

The first steps, therefore, are to learn to share. Only by being able to grasp its importance for ourselves and for people around us, will we be able to give it an extraordinary value that will make our behaviour profitable both from a human and practical point of view, becoming ourselves a source of inspiration.

Therefore what one owns is in his will to share.

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