Where would you like to go right now if you had no limits and could freely dream?

Which destination would you choose?

It seemed to be endless the time before being able to travel again. And who knows how many of us have made plans in the meantime and found out places to fling to as soon as possible.

If you press the REWIND button you can relive the journeys you have experienced, scenes from your past life that you have wanted to take with you, forever. It's nice to be back where you enjoyed yourself, where you have important memories of something new you have learned, where you have been amazed and had great fun.

It is also intense, on the other hand, to remember facts that first seemed terrible and then retracing them they even make you laugh. Or acknowledge yourself after an exasperated, gutted situation, to have a superhero courage, that you didn't even know you had and that you were more patient than you thought when trying to understand why you missed a flight. Not everything always goes smoothly and does not reflect our expectations but for better or for worse it is part of our luggage. Whether it's an extra-large trolley or a Barbie-sized suitcase, the content and weight both depend on you. It will always contain your life events and how you lived them, encounters, important experiences and what you’ve learned, things that will complete the person you are today.

And who are you?

Where is your mind going?

Press the FORWARD button and imagine yourself in a place that your soul and mind are longing for.

Each journey is first mental and then real.

Thinking of yourself in a beautiful luxury resort in Bora Bora can be a need to know what to remove from your suitcase to enjoy your stay to the fullest. If you are on top of the mountain, with peace of mind, you are discovering in yourself your best travel mate. See yourself at a party to the rhythm of notes that dance in tune with your movements is the search for your jaunty soul that you may be losing but which is the spark of your imagination.

As far as you can go back and forward in your time, be aware that life is here and now. It is only here that you can take an inner journey to find your wonderful soul, its intelligence, the right direction.

Yes, because there is a right direction to follow. Be guided by instinct and trust your heart. He will be able to show you the right place at the right time. Let yourself go, the destination will surprise you.

We have created a funny and very personal experience that will lead your feelings to take you in the right direction.

The Dove Vai collection transforms the concept of time into space. The triangle, a timeless shape and distinctive feature of the atelier, becomes a symbol of movement, endlessly rewinding and clicking play in a kaleidoscopic, colorful sequence of gold jewelry with stones, channeled in creations intended to accompany the wearer through the labyrinthine path of life.

Rewind or Forward, find out where are you going. DOVE VAI. 

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