A special day to remember when the 22nd of June we have met three young talents Giorgia Fiore, Valentina Siragusa and Chiara Baratello. 


It was one of those unusually hot summer days, in Milan. We were looking at the piazza Duomo from the terrace of “The Dome”, an amazing place to take a moment and enjoy the view of the city. Founder Avel Lenttan presented the project “MY MIRROR FOR YOU” where the protagonist is the Mirror Ring.

Playful, colourful, and iconic, The Mirror Ring part of the Mirror Collection is a fine jewelry piece with a comfortable fit and wearability and skillfully cut precious stones.

The color is the center of the story, each gem is a protagonist and give a special touch and personalisation to each Mirror Ring.

During the event, the three talents had a chance to experience the personalisation of their own Mirror Ring, by choosing through many precious color’s gems and colours of gold.

Contact us to customise your own jewel and choose through precious gemstones as citrine, onyx, kogolong, blue topaz, pink garnet and green tourmaline and three colours of gold, white, yellow and pink.

You will love for your own "My Mirror For You" Ring.

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