The Avel Lenttan Jewelry collections come to life in a goldsmith’s workshop in the heart of central Italy, an atelier of creativity and refined manufacturing where the skilled hands of master goldsmiths have been creating and producing jewelry for generations. The process of developing a collection follows the precise rules of all the best laboratory-ateliers in the world. It begins with hand drawings, followed by the design of the jewelry piece using the most sophisticated 3-D CAD programs, thus transforming a sartorial pencil stroke into a real rendering, then a 3-D model and finally to a wax casting, a technique invented by Benvenuto Cellini and still in use today. The gold jewel obtained is then brushed, finished and polished in order to obtain an object that has all the requirements of quality and perfection. The stones are then set by the expert hands and eyes of the craftsman following the rigorous high-quality standards. The last step involves inserting the RFID, a micro-tag, into the metal, to represent the memory of the jewel itself, its identity card. All the characteristics of the components of the jewel and their traceability are recorded within “My Memory Forever” and are readable through a custom app. The jewel leaves the atelier only once the quality control and the initialization of “My Memory Forever” have been implemented.

Atelier Avel Lenttan, is a laboratory of inspiration and passion but also tenacity, precision and technology. Everything begins and ends where the highly-qualified staff responds to the quality demands and rigor that the industry requires, yet listens to and fulfills the wishes of the individual customer, providing a place to dream, where every dream finds its answer.

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