Avel Lenttan is a Slovenian-born entrepreneur and designer whose international career and constant search for a contemporary and minimal aesthetic shine in her eponymous jewelry brand. Globe trotter by destiny and by choice, Avel proposes a synthesis of the inspirations gathered during her travels. Her love for detail and a passion for gemstones come to life in the skilled hands of Italian goldsmith masters who interpret with excellent skill her creative and innovative ideas, inspired by global cultures and their symbolism.

Entrepreneur in the world of high tech, Industry 4.0 and IoT, Avel first came in contact with the world of jewelry when she moved to Italy. Fascinated by art and culture, and thanks to enlightening encounters with key players from the jewelry sector, Avel was intrigued by this industry and quickly transformed her interest into a passion and finally into her profession. In December 2014, she organized an international design contest and was pleasantly surprised and impressed by its success and feedback in terms of participation and creativity. This contest was the turning point. The energy and interest created around this initiative pushed her to define a business model for her idea in jewelry creation. Combining artistry with technology, Avel implemented her previous experience in the tech world to create a new brand vision that recognizes the need for aesthetic beauty paired with authenticity and transparency.

Avel believes that “being brave and ready for change makes all the difference. We must reflect on the adoption of new digital technologies, and the new possibilities and challenges that these times impose on us. This allows us to start laying the foundations for a new future in which the dynamics will change. Technology and innovation will undoubtedly be the tools we focus on, those that will allow us to create and seize new opportunities that are gradually emerging on international markets.”

Guided by the wisdom and experience of its founder, the Avel Lenttan Jewelry brand was created: an innovative concept, a fusion of past and present, based on the magical balance of multidisciplinary fields, craftsmanship and respect for sustainability.

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