Brithstone for July di Luglio Cacholong is a stone of volcanic origins that appears shiny like glazed ceramic but is hard like marble. The inner core of this black rock is a pure stone, resembling white bone china.

The name of this stone originates from the Kalmyk people of Western Mongolia and is also known as Kalmyk agate. Although it is a type of opal, it is often mistaken for agate or chalcedony. Cacholong exists in the form of obsidian, essentially as the white variant of black or snowflake obsidian.

It is a feminine stone and Cacholong is said to mean “beautiful stone,” also sometimes nicknamed “sacred cow’s milk turned into stone” by the Kalmyk people.

Cacholong is also considered a “stone of love" because it is said to help attract to you the love that is in your heart, instilling courage and also helping to regain harmony with others and oneself by eliminating shyness and fear. It stimulates analytical and logical thinking, improving concentration and the ability to express oneself.

It is a precious natural stone, extracted from quarries found in ancient Persia, today the area of Iran, Kazakhstan and Afghanistan.

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