Avel Lenttan Jewelrycollections are made with 18K gold and 9K rose, white or yellow gold for the Be The One, collection.

Gold represents the image of the sun, a symbol of divine principles and the sign of earthly and celestial glory.

The Egyptians associated it with the sun godRa. The ancient Greeks saw gold as a symbol of the mind and of immortality. In India, gold represents truth and in the Taoist alchemic treatise, “The Secret of the Golden Flower,” the gold flower is a symbol of enlightenment.

Over the centuries, man has tried to extract gold in all ways from the bowels of the earth and fierce battles have been fought to possess it.

Today’s mentality is changing, bringing about a profound awareness of the delicate balance of nature and the gifts it offers us that we must treasure and protect in compliance with ethical practices.

The gold used in the Avel Lenttan Jewelry collections comes from certified suppliers and members of the World Gold Council (WGC).

The WGC has established 10 Responsible Gold Mining Principles for the industry that encourage high environmental and ethical standards:.


- Opposition to corruption, acting under virtuous conduct – respect for ethical principles

- Understanding and managing environmental consequences - respect for the personal impact

- Monitoring the responsibility of the supply chain - respect for responsibility

- Protecting and promoting the health and safety of workers - respect for workers/p>

- Asserting human rights for workers and the community - respect for human beings

- Treating employers and contractors without discrimination - respect for labor practices

- Contributing to the socio-economic advancement of communities - respect for community

- Environmental stewardship – respect for the environment

- Ensure the protection of fragile ecosystems and habitats of endangered species- respect for biodiversity and microsystems

- Improving efficiency of water and energy use, with a particular focus on climate change - respect for natural resources.


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