Birthstone for January, Onyx gives great strength and allows the needs and sensations of the body to emerge. Connected with the first Chakra, or Muladhara, it has the ability to refine our concentration and push us towards self-realization.

Onyx is often linked to instinct and intuition, thus can help develop assurance and analytical thinking. Tradition dictates that the black onyx stone fights against melancholy, extinguishes afflicted passions and instills optimism. It chases away evil dreams and hallucinations, offers tranquility of the mind and the senses, and preserves the peace between spouses. In India and Persia, when hung around the neck or placed in the hair, onyx protects from the evil eye and hastens childbirth, reducing pain.

Onyx is found in extensive striations of color, from white to dark brown to black.

Driving the force of instinct and intuition, onyx is the symbol of the planet Saturn and provides tranquility and peace of mind.

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