The diamonds selected forAvel Lenttan Jewelry meet the international qualification criteria established by Robert M. Shipley in the early 20th century, standardized by the GIA and promoted by De Beers. The 4Cs have been revised to meet even more stringent criteria of today’s market: Cut, Color (minimum F), Carat and Clarity (minimum VS).

An expert gemologist purchases all diamonds directly from the Antwerp Diamond Exchange, Beurs Woor Diamanthandel, so each diamond is certified certification.

Kimberley Process Certification Scheme – KPCS

The KPCS is a joint government certification system that imposes stringent requirements on participating suppliers to ensure they ship “conflict-free” diamonds. The system requires that the supplier provides customers with a certificate at each step of the supply process guaranteeing origin only from states that have complied with the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.

The participating states must demonstrate that:

- proceeds from the gemstone trade are not directed to finance rebel groups or other organizations recognized by the United Nations Organization that aim to overthrow the government..

This system ensures that each lot of stones originates from countries adhering to the certification scheme at each step until reaching jewelry manufacturing companies.

Buy our diamonds with confidence as they are certified according to the extensive rules of the Kimberley Process Certification. Rough diamonds are sealed in tamper-proof containers and provided with a certification that they have “conflict-free” origins, assured through a rigid system verified by documentation and serial numbers. Documentation is re-confirmed every time a rough diamond crosses an international border.

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