November birthstone, for thousands of years this gem has symbolized lust, wealth, strength and generosity.

It heightens the wearer’s capacity for self-realization and grants the virtue of always making a good first impression. It strengthens sincere friendships and gives peace of mind, while also stimulating the desire to be recognized for one’s own efforts and to gain fame through such merit. The celestial bodies that govern this stone are the Sun and Jupiter while the connected chakra is that of the Solar Plexus, the Manipura.

As one of the most powerful gems, it has even been said to be capable of saving a person on the verge of death by providing vitality that surpasses any other remedy. By changing color, it predicts rain or good weather like a barometer. It sharpens the intellect, soothes insomnia, satisfies the senses and desires, and protects from the evil eye, driving away ghosts and fears.

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