In a deeply personal presentation at Business Fit journal, the entrepreneur Avel Lenttan shares her lessons of navigating her tech and luxury business as a woman.

Avel Lenttan, luxury designer - Born to middle-class Slovene parents, Avel Lenttan was raised to aspire to a life of creativity and curiosity, namely through trips and multicultural experiences. She developed a globetrotter’s vision, offering a melting pot of suggestions captured at the four corners of the world.

Avel Lenttan Jewelry reinterpreted the distinctive sign of Italian design, thanks to her creative search to find an exemplary beauty, the result of travels through experience, rich in spirituality and introspection. Interlaced with the curiosity and desire to explore and search, to grow, to confront and open oneself to the world, to create sophisticated, solid and distinctive aesthetics. A personality and her travels, reflected in her collections, that is, in a continuous dynamism, changing and fluctuating like the emotions that living arouses.

“Global contaminations and Italian design blend for creating something unique and contemporary in which every woman can mirror herself”

Italian goldsmith art is one of the excellences of Made in Italy and it is recognized excellence throughout the world. Made in Italy jewelry with its handmade jewels is the world leader in the sector. A perfect fusion of past and modernity, it sums up the love of beauty with the artisan knowledge that has given Italy the world leadership in jewelry and goldsmith production.

The strengths are the skill and creativity of the goldsmith craftsmen and the productive fabric of handmade jewelry, strongly rooted in the territory, specialized and competitive.

The Italian handmade jewels are recognized for the workmanship and the techniques used by the goldsmith artisans, the design, the other rate of creativity and the preciousness. In a word, Italian handmade jewels are recognized for quality.

Avel Lenttan Jewelry, her new Brand — It's difficult to create a new brand reputation without auxiliary labels and assumptions. It takes a capable person to be in a good position, but it takes far more for a woman to have the same.

Avel Lenttan Jewelry launched her new brand of luxury jewels with the Mirror Collection. Oriented downwards, the collection is represented by the figure of the triangle, which symbolizes the feminine, the lunar cycles, and fertility.

Avel Lenttan Jewelry is born under the sign of a double soul. On one hand the manual Italian artisan’s craft, on the other a technological evolution oriented towards security and simple buying.

The woman of this day wants to create an identity for themselves and achieve goals and dreams. They want to be themselves and express freely their behaviors and feelings.

As a consumer, Avel Lenttan Jewelry knows very well what women want: from getting jewelry as a gift to being active purchasers themselves, to buying luxury SUV’s for personal use and booking hotel rooms for a trip with girlfriends.

In addition to that, women want security and traceability of their luxury goods. In this sense, Avel Lenttan has implemented several innovations in order to fully satisfy these women’s needs.

The digital prototyping of the product comes from an automated production system while keeping the typical Made in Italy craftsman’s aspect. The online 3D visualizer makes it possible to configure one’s own jewel oneself, choosing among materials, sizes and finishings. The RFID digital identification guarantees that each Avel Lenttan Jewelry product is traceable, from production to delivery to goods returned: an identity card that guarantees the product’s authenticity. The technical support reflects a professional and timely approach, with no-borders proximity.

In the fashion world, as in the business, it is necessary a great sense of the market, recognizing good opportunities, taking the right course of action and moreover it is indispensable believing in yourself. This is what is expected from a good leader, and Avel Lenttan Jewelry has all of these important qualities.

The luxury sector has been in the reins for men for a long time, and the times are definitely changing. With the increasing relevance of women empowerment all over the world, women generate their own wealth.

They are increasingly controlling the investment of their assets, luxury spending by Chinese women has increased dramatically.

Additionally, education has played an important role in creating awareness about gender equality. Now women are also more open to experimenting with their careers and trying unconventional options in the luxury space.

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