Eclectic, cosmopolitan, modern. Avel Lenttan’s personality is a melting pot of suggestions gathered from the four corners of the world, thanks to her curiosity, passion for travelling and discovering ever-new cultures. Suggestions that she interprets on the basis of her original vision. Add to this her admiration for things Made in Italy, with the unmistakable touch of Italian design.

Avel Lenttan Jewelry is a new luxury brand that includes jewelry, accessories and interior design. A many-faceted brand that blends the uniqueness of Italian style with an international dimension, from the creative concept and on to the market, with the web as its main sales channel.

The innovation inherent in both the production and the product is brand’s distinctive sign, its multidisciplinary soul, thanks to which it’s able to cover the entire creative and production cycle, from initial drafts to the sale of the finished product.

The project includes an in-house team of professionals flanked by partners for production, marketing, distribution and technology, that make the brand completely self-reliant and able to respond rapidly to the demands of the luxury market.

At the basis of Avel Lentann’s jewels and accessories there are three expressive mantras. As we were saying, the cosmopolitan vocation and the continuous search for varied ideas. Indeed, Avel Lenttan Jewelry presents a “lifestyle concept”, a container open to different creative and cultural contributions for international clients. She gets her inspiration from her many professional experiences in many countries which culminated in Italy, and her polar star is a captivating and passionate mood, spread out through various sectors of design and creativity.

And then, there is her dedication to excellence that imposes no-compromise choices. Avel Lenttan Jewelry has chosen to take the road of style and uniqueness, with great attention to high-level design and aesthetics, based on value and quality: luxury, yet never ostentation. A mix of the old and the new, with casual-chic design in jewels, accessories and refined and contemporary furnishing accessories. At the same time. they can break through patterns and they can dare, with an unusual and constant reference to art, with an attitude of curiosity and no fear of putting themselves into play.

This is why in the production phase, she uses Italian artisans, who express artisans’ world famous sense of design. The exclusive use of noble-precious metals, of precious stones and high-quality semi-precious, non-synthetic ones are the mark of each jewel. The shapes of the stones used in the collections are synonymous with research and exclusivity, something unique that can’t be found on the market because of cost and supply problems that create entry barriers.

Style is the hallmark of each and every Avel Lenttan Jewelry creation, and actually comes before the jewelry “product”, a product that - in contrast to today’s mass market - is gathering value in itself once again, as well as lifetime value. Our jewels hold women in special consideration, as women are conquering ever-more buying power compared to their men. This translates, for example, in a manic attention to details - outside and inside each jewel (shiny surface). In particular, polishing the parts under the jewel that are almost hidden, requires using special instruments that can only be used by very expert and professional artisans.

Each piece contains a detail, and each detail is dealt with in its most minute elements. Nothing is left to chance, such as our habit of using lateral stone “pavé” that contribute further to making each jewel more precious. Besides, Avel Lenttan’s designs are scalable and modular, made to measure and made to last over time (gold and precious stones). Jewels and accessories that give status, a personal and tailored style: modular design, 3D visualizing so as to coordinate accessories and clothes well.

The brand is multi-ethnic, which is mirrored in the colors of the precious stones: they’re as varied as the colors of the earth and the cultures spread over our planet, to reflect each woman’s identity. Avel Lenttan offers every one of them the possibility to choose a jewel to represent her essence and cultural roots best. The lines we produce are scalable, so it’s possible to have entry level products from the collection, high value niche products, and to semi-personalize products starting from the same base. All this is possible because each product is first inserted in a coordinated collection of style: in fact, the collections create a distinctive mood because they are characterized by coordinated products. It’s a complete catalogue with product variations from the jewel to the bag, up until precious sandals, that fill the requirements of our most attentive and demanding clients. Besides, the lines of styles are continuous, and make the brand linear and recognizable, without abandoning core design. At the same time, the lines can be perfectly personalized, and each client can choose from various metals and colors of stone from the referenced ones, so that they can have special made-to-measure versions of some of our products.

And thanks to an advanced digital prototyping process, production is automated and becomes semi-industrial, while maintaining the typical “Made in Italy” artisan’s art. Therefore it’s a concept that wants to distinguish itself from today’s trends in design and creation of jewels and accessories, and it has its own long-term planning path.

This is why Avel Lenttan’s open and multicultural approach is for strong, courageous and innovative people. Demanding women, attentive to quality, stylish, who love travelling, art and culture, and who are able to interpret them with a personal, ageless style. Refined but not monotonous, they love innovation, are attentive to the latest trends in luxury and to the concrete extra value these can give to their personal style.

And then, the elegant and ambitious man, who associates trendiness and refinement by wearing clothes and accessories that make his style unique but recognizable. He loves art and its expressions and doesn’t disdain wearing a jewel himself, and also gives jewels as presents on special occasions. He dares to dress casual chic without ever being excessive, he loves creativity and innovation. So here is the important innovative factor by excellence: technology supports the product. In fact, technology is at the basis of all of Avel Lenttan’s projects (from products to sales channels) and is an important plus. It places her products at a hybrid level, something no jewel producers or distributors are doing on the market at present.

The online platform created for the sale of jewels (together with direct sales in shops in key positions in the luxury sector, social media selling through Facebook and Instagram, and our presence in specialized marketplaces in the luxury sector) make a high level of personalization possible, thanks to the presence of a tridimensional visualizer that allows clients to select the combination that fits his/her style best: measurements, metals, stones, settings.

The back-end used by the platform is extremely evolved as it makes it possible to match a product to a client thanks to the fact that each single product has a code and each user is given his/her ID. Therefore, we can manage both traceability of the purchases and preferences, but we can also offer a service of product personalization and focused customer service.

The project is also innovative because the jewels have a traceable certification that makes it possible to automate the production processes, delivery and returned goods. All this guarantees the brand’s authenticity to the end client: the product is traceable, delivery and management of the sales points are efficient, and there is an advanced client service: indeed, we can intervene immediately and well thanks to the correspondence between product code and client ID. Besides, the registration number gives the jewel the typical exclusiveness of numbered collections and limited editions.

The company will also soon add a security system that will make it possible, for example, to become even more transparent: to document a product’s route along the chain of offer and distribution, as well as to check the certifications or specific characteristics of physical products. Physical goods are linked to serial numbers, bar codes and digital tags, that all reveal the real origin and characteristics of the product.

All this should increase confidence and help us eliminate lack of trust in online transactions.

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