A micro tag is inserted inside the precious metal of each Avel Lenttan Jewelry jewel and through an exclusive and patented assembly process

My Memory Forever” “My Memory Forever” is innovative traceability tool for the entire production and supply chain. At the same time, it serves as the ID card for the jewelry piece which becomes a part of the buyer’s daily life, housing memories of life’s most important moments, from marriage to the birth of a child, passing them on to future generations. The information is stored in memory of the Avel Lenttan jewel, guaranteeing durability, reliability and transparency that can be traced through a custom-designed app.

Each Avel Lenttan Jewelry creation is produced in the brand’s Italian atelier.

Every process is supervised internally under the careful watch of the founder and her team to create the highest quality collections and most sophisticated workmanship.

Thanks to The "My Memory Forever", patented technology uses a microchip integrated into the metal of every individual jewelry piece that permits tracing the origin of the gold, diamonds and gemstones, to guarantee the ethics and provenance of its component parts.


Atelier Avel Lenttan Jewelry is committed to overseeing and guiding its production chain processes with the constant goal of improving the environment to benefit of its customers, employees and the greater community.

In keeping with the green economy and its ethics, Avel Lenttan Jewelry, uses raw materials- from colored stones, to diamonds, to precious metals- observing the strictest regulations on the supply of raw materials as established by the World Gold Council.

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