Materials are at the heart of Avel Lenttan’s creations.

Materials that, through the extraordinary work of man and machine, are transformed into real works of art. Thus, of central importance is the environment that perfectly created the gifts of nature’s raw materials. Avel Lenttan and her team believe it is essential to protect nature and the environment to preserve the harmony of its ecosystems in line with sustainable economic development.

Therefore, with this goal in mind, Avel Lenttan has identified 4 of the United Nations 2030 Agenda’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to focus on while creating her collections.


Following this framework in reference to the raw materials and their traceability and handling, Avel Lenttan understands the importance of ecological, social and above all ethical action. Unfortunately, most metals and minerals are mined from the poorest regions of the planet and pass through many hands on the road to market, often times without any form of traceability.

Luckily, the entire supply chain of the jewelry industry- from the design, planning and execution of jewelry pieces to the processing of precious metals and the extraction of precious stones from nature- is beginning to sense the urgency to change the production system in order to meet environmental requirements. Avel Lenttan only buys raw materials whose origin and intermediate steps are fully certified.

The production cycle is equally important in terms of sustainability.

Theproduction cycle is equally important in terms of sustainability. Thus, research and experimentation of new production processes is critical to adding value and evolving in new ways that reduce the environmental impact.

In the vein of innovation, the addition of RFID technology within the production chain permits traceability of each jewelry piece’s component parts, as well as delineating the steps toward its realization adapted to the needs of each style.

While beauty is at the heart of each Avel Lenttan creation, the brand also cares deeply about carrying sustainable practices into the future. Sustainability and innovation come together in large part through the “My Memory Forever My Memory Forever” technology app embedded in the jewel itself which not only monitors and traces each step of the production chain but, also makes that information eternally available to the jewel’s owner.

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