In the heart of Milan, the new luxury jewelry brand by Avel Lenttan was officially presented on 12 December 2019. The guests were honored with an exclusive preview of the new creations. The protagonist of the event was the "Mirror" jewelry collection, which can be purchased online at:

An exclusive event organized at the Savini Caffè Lounge, where numerous friends and illustrious personalities from the luxury/fashion sector were welcomed in the Italian capital of style, Milan. The exclusive preview of jewels was conceived by Designer Avel Lenttan, founder and creator of the new luxury brand of jewels made entirely in Italy in historic goldsmith workshops.

The creation of the jewels takes place in three production areas located on the Italian territory, in laboratories with over 80 years of experience in the gold sector.

The advanced digital prototyping process allows the partial automation of the creation of the jewels, which then become the result of a semi-industrial production process, while maintaining the traditional “Made in Italy" artisan craftsmanship. Established in 2018, the company designs, manufactures and delivers luxury jewelry for men and women around the world. With a catalog of over 300 products, Avel Lenttan jewels are divided into the Mirror collection and the Dove Vai collection.

Both collections have three expressive lines that decline the jewels, from the mere presence of gold and precious stones to the setting of diamonds, up to the full pavè of diamonds. Gold is the common denominator of all the jewels and is found in the colors of rose gold, yellow gold and white gold. The protagonists of the Anniversary line and of the M and T lines are diamonds, brilliant and pure, which embellish the collections. The men's jewelry collection is expected in March 2020.

Avel Lenttan Jewelry is a brand with a thousand facets that blends the uniqueness of the Italian style with an international dimension, with a creative concept and that places itself on the international market, with a new website / e-commerce web as the main sales channel. The innovation inherent in both production and product is the hallmark of the brand, its multidisciplinary soul, thanks to which it is able to cover the entire creative and production cycle, from the initial drafts to the sale of the finished product.

The company has focused on the innovation business model that combines digitalisation, IoT, blockchain, original design and rapid prototyping, 4.0 technological innovation, lean production, all applied to the traditional jewelry sector as a distinction and customization from the original design. Therefore the Avel Lenttan brand is a concept that wants to stand out from today's trends in the design and creation of jewelry and accessories, and it has its own long-term planning path. That's why Avel Lenttan's open and multicultural approach is aimed at strong, courageous and innovative people.

Demanding women and men, attentive to quality, fashionable, who love to travel, who love art and culture and who are able to interpret them with a personal and ageless style. Refined but not monotonous, they love innovation, they are attentive to the latest luxury trends and the concrete added value that these can give to their personal style.

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