Le Fonti TV, the first real live streaming television channel, has guaranteed top visibility for events. With over 10,000 participants and a total of over 500 companies and law firms, Le Fonti Awards confirms itself also for 2018 as the most prestigious and desired acknowledgement in the economic, financial and legal community.

 In all its editions, Le Fonti Awards rewards excellence in terms of innovation and leadership, and selects the professionals who have been able to ride the waves of change. Top players at the Le Fonti CEOs Development innovation motor Innovation applied to fashion, social issues, consulting, finance and the legal world. This was the common thread that united the CEO Summit organized by Le Fonti, with the patronage of the European Commission, in the splendid setting of Palazzo Mezzanotte, on the three dates of the winter edition of the Fonti Awards.

The first of the three CEOs took place on 8 November 2018, and the theme of "Innovation & Leadership: how to compete in a changing world" is addressed; the debate saw the participation of authoritative exponents of the entrepreneurial and legal world, who expressed their professional experiences as regards the link between consulting and technological innovation.

"Innovation and consultancy: what benefits of technology on business and the legal world? To open the official ceremony of 5 December 2018 of the Le Fonti Awards is present at the summit of the CEO entitled "Innovation and leadership: driver of growth in social and fashion", attended by Avel Lenttan, CEO and founder of the new brand of luxury jewelery and accessories Avel Lenttan.

 The Fonti Awards awarded the best protagonists of the contemporary scenario in terms of innovation, the best were able to renew themselves. Top lawyers, CEOs, General Managers and entrepreneurs who have been able to renovate, while keeping the values that have made them number one in their sectors. Le Fonti TV boasts a loyal community of over 1 million viewers in over 125 countries.

The study and research center of Le Fonti, which constantly monitors the evolution, trends, scenarios and prospects for the main markets, collaborates closely with the editorial staff so that economic programs and newscasts are oriented towards a national and international audience, offering valuable and fundamental in-depth coverage of the activities of the international scenario decision-makers.

You can watch Le Fonti TV directly from various platforms, starting from the dedicated website www.lefonti.tv, but also on You-Tube, Facebook, vertical partners’ websites and inside a dedicated page on the Il Sole 24 Ore website.

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