Just back from the recent award ceremony at the Italian Stock Exchange, for being the innovative start-up of the year in the world of high end jewelry, Avel Lentann, founder of the same-name brand talks about herself, her work and efforts and satisfactions. How did you get the idea of launching this new brand? “The project was born from a combination of ideas launched in December 2014.

I wanted to create something unique and actual in the environments that were closest and most dear to me, those of technological innovation and designing jewels. I believe a lot in the creative power of putting a network of national and international talents online, and for this reason I wanted the inspiration to come from everyone’s contribution. In particular, I wanted to blend global contaminations and Italian design to realize something extremely original, able to unite the traditional and modern, in which all women could mirror themselves”.

What are the collection’s strong points?

“First of all, the brand’s clear and decisive identity that reflects a lot about myself. My origins are Slovene, I am driven by a globetrotter’s vision, eclectic, cosmopolitan, modern.

I love capturing suggestions from all corners of the world, and to reinterpret them under the distinctive sign of Italian design. Italy is my second home, it has welcomed me and accepted by projects.

I have an infinite love for details, which originate from the talented hands of Italian master gold-craftsmen and from the choice of quality material. I’m a travelling personality, and I wanted to reflect that in my collections: exactly like me, without distorting their nature, they are in a continuous dynamism, changeable and fluctuating like the emotions that the labyrinth of living evokes”.

Is technological innovation at the heart of the business strategy?

“I have a deep knowledge of the sector, as I have always dealt with technological innovation projects, including at an international level. I think one mustn’t feel frightened of the digital economy, because it offers extremely interesting opportunities.

Our collections are the result of long-term, in-depth, careful and attentive study of all the modern technologies, for an innovation of the product that starts even before that of the process. Traceability, digital certifications, blockchain and RFD are terms that are not yet very well-known in the goldsmithing productive sector nor in their retail luxury sector, though they are slowly becoming aware of the evident passage to a phase of maturity, of production and distribution, where digital plays a fundamental role.

I’m quite convinced that e-commerce and the use of digital assets, seen initially with skepticism by the luxury sector, represent instead the distribution channel and modes of approach of the near-future, also in the traditional sectors of high-end jewelry".

What are your future projects?

“We are already very satisfied by the unexpected prize we go from the European Union. We are a well-structured multi-disciplined team with a product catalogue of over 350 pieces, between hi-class bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings. We have various lines, distinguished by the combination of precious stones, gold and diamonds, and with the possibility to customize.

We are ready to launch on the American, Japanese and European international markets, with a marketing strategy that is very attentive to the client’s desires at the center of our approach. We have a number of international, European and other events in store, the results of agreements we are finalizing. There are many surprises to come, and not to miss”.

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