asked the vain queen to the magic mirror, and up until the answer was “it’s you”, her cruel jealousy spared sweet, pure and delightful Snow White, “rose lips, ebony hair, as white as snow”. 

In Avel Lenttan’s Mirror collection of jewels, you relive the magic of beauty but without resorting to subterfuges, illusions or manipulation. The Mirror jewels reflect exactly who you are. Top jewelry of sinuous geometrics that shed light on unique creations.

Gold and stone, diamond pavé. For a jewel set in dreams. Avel Lenttan’s “Mirror, declared in her precious and elegant bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings, with their varied and decisive nuances. Mirror is magic because it sweeps us along, as if bewitched, in the labyrinth of experiences to discover ourselves. 

The jewels of the Mirror collection are inspired by an inner voyage, by the exploration of the multiple “I” hidden in every person’s character, by the desires of a healthy vanity, to show off one’s own particular traits, the desire to emerge to a greater affirmation of oneself, and to aspire to a refined exaltation of simplicity and authenticity. Every character finds inspiration, playfulness and is reflected and acknowledged in Avel Lentann’s “Magic Mirror”.

And just like in Snow White’s fable, in Avel Lenttan’s Mirror collection of jewels, you play with the mirror, you question it, you consult it, you scrutinize it, in the anxious anticipation of a reply. Curiosity, Wonder, Desire, but also Fear, the range of emotions created is wide and varied. It’s like entering one of the sumptuous galleries of mirrors of the Palace of Versailles, or the one of Venaria in Turin or of the Royal Palace or Villa Spinola in Genoa.

To enter into Avel Lenttan’s labyrinth of precious mirrors is like traversing the labyrinth of life, it means to get lost in the unknown meanders of discovery. Between dream and reality, love and friendship, reason and creativity. An enigmatic and secret pathway, guided by the thread of curiosity, to make your way between everyday adventures, to exit the mindset’s short cuts and conquer a new freedom. A cathartic and illuminating trip, in the search for oneself.

The “Mirror” jewel collection traces a pathway of experiences intimately connected to human nature. To recognize oneself as if the image of oneself were reflected in a mirror is a capability that only a few biological species, among which man, a few other mammals (large anthropomorphic monkeys, dolphins, elephants) and only a few birds (magpies) possess. In humans this capability develops in the first months of life, between 15 and 24 months, and according to the studies of one of the major luminaries of psychology of international fame, Jacques Lacan, mirrors are the first elements that help humans form their “I”.

Before the age of six months, a child does not identify with his/her reflection when put in front of a mirror, he/she thinks it’s another. From six to eighteen months, in the period called “phase of the mirror”, a sketch of the “I” is elaborated, until the other is identified (that is, what is seen in the mirror) as one’s own image. 

It‘s an animist and experiential process, it’s dynamic, unpredictable, articulated and extremely fascinating, just like human life. In the same way that we look at ourselves intuitively in the mirror, we scrutinize ourselves, to see the image of our body, our own aspect until the point we go beyond what’s visible, pushing ourselves into the meanders of what is perceived and what could be perceived.

That’s how the Mirror jewels become the mirror of oneself, of our body’s dimensions, in its fascinating and mysterious expressive combination of the inner and outer life. The mirror is also a fundamental instrument and symbol of cosmetics and the care of the exterior aspect of the body. Before it was invented the only way to know one’s own image was to look at one’s reflection in stagnant water.

Mirror’s jewels are a full and sublime expression of care for oneself and of attention to one’s own identity, as well as a perfect opposite of stale water, an ample reflection of the dynamism of feeling like an individual every day, in the changes and circularity of life. Let yourself be inspired, enter and traverse the fascinating and intriguing labyrinth of mirrors of Avel Lenttan, to discover your true self. Express yourself, Have fun, Play, Ask “Mirror”, Avel Lenttan’s Magic Mirror, and let its spell, its ever-changing answers amaze you, always different because in the space-time dimension of life you … are different.

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