Avel Lenttan Jewelry was born from the creative and entrepreneurial drive of its founder.

With a strong social mission, advanced technological and artistic values and an alluring characterAvel Lenttan Jewelry represents innovation in the jewelry sector.

All creations are based on a simple but novel idea, that of integrating a Micro Tag into the precious metal that allows you to track information about the production, provenance and ownership, while at the same time offering the possibility of adding a personal message with each jewelry purchase or gift. This new and technologically advanced adaptation allows for the traceability of the jewelry, offers greater security and also gives the opportunity to personalize the purchase and create lasting memories.

Avel Lenttan Jewelry combines timeless shapes with Italian goldsmith craftsmanship in a contemporary design that exalts the beauty of diamonds and gemstones in a labyrinth of volumes and geometrically traced lines in 18K white, yellow and rose gold. The concept is rooted in the search for pure and elegant forms, accentuated by the harmony between the color and cut of gemstones and precious metal, all constructed with careful and refined craftsmanship.

My Memory Forever

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The triangle is the dominant symbol of each collection. This geometric shape, which has appeared throughout history in ancient cultures, civilizations and religions is an expression of stability and universality, representing both the female and male universes. Imbued with esotericism, spirituality and enlightenment, the triangle has fascinated people and cultures around the world. The three sides in perfect balance can be seen to represent the three dimensions of time: past, present and future. With a purchase of Avel Lenttan Jewelry, the wearer enters into this interplay, becoming part of the fascinating dimensions of time.

Avel Lenttan’s imagination takes shape every day in the skilled hands of trained Italian artisans, guardians of the ancient traditions of the masters of jewelry-making.

Avel Lenttan Jewelry collections embody a cosmopolitan and eclectic soul, fulfilling the desires of a person who covets jewelry with a strong aesthetic that is easy-to-wear on any occasion. Necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings have an impactful chromatic aesthetic that emphasizes the natural nuances of the stones, elegantly interpreting a luxury appeal with minimalist, timeless design.


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